Social Media
I took over the VACUHO organization's Instagram account for the conference. I created a timeline of important announcements for 6 weeks leading up to the conference, posting 2-3 times a week. I collected inspiring quotes from famous Richmond leaders for posts that did not have an obvious image. These quotes were also used on printed table tents and presentations at the conference. Attendees were also encouraged to use #VAisforleaders on their conference-related posts.
@vacuho's following grew 600% during the 6 weeks that I ran the account (26 to 156 followers).
I created a six-page microsite for the conference on the existing VCU Housing website using TerminalFour CMS.
The conference also utilized the RAM Guide app, which is a VCU app for event schedules. Attendees scanned a QR code printed on the back of their name tags to gain access to the conference guide. The guide included the conference schedule, as well as embedded Google maps showing building locations, and other information such as how to connect to the campus Wifi.
The budget for the conference was not high, so I created the 24x36 foam board as a backdrop for 8.5x11 paper directional signs. The signs could easily and inexpensively be printed and swapped out, while still having the size and presence of the foam board.
I created several templates and uploaded them to Canva so that other host team members could utilize the designs without my help. I created templates for awards, room schedules, and directional signage.
Google Slides template
Shown below are some of the slides from a Google Slides template I created for the conference. The template was used for all conference presentations.

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